diagnostic and laboratory genetics

We cooperate with the National Health Fund in genetic counseling and diagnosis

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ISO 9001 certificate FS 5431954

ISO 9001
FS 5431954

Certificate of the Polish Society of Human Genetics

Certificate of the Polish Society of Human Genetics

Labquality certificate

Labquality certificate

You are invited to learn in detail our offer of genetic studies with cost-effective commercial quotation.

The GENOS Non-Public Outpatient Clinic provides specialist counselling in clinical genetics, including prenatal diagnostics, reproduction failure, marital infertility, high risk pregnancy management and genetic prophylactics and diagnostics of predispositions to selected neoplastic diseases.

At the GENOS Shop, you can find necessary reagents, media, small plastic laboratory accessories and equipments. All the offered media and materials are tested at our own laboratory and used by us in every-day diagnostics of genetically determined diseases. We have got official recommendations of the Department of Clinical Genetics and the Chair of Clinical and Laboratory Genetics, Medical University of Łódź, for all the products, offered at our GENOS Shop.


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GENOS, Inowrocławska str. 9/132, 91-020 Łódz, Poland, tel: 48 42 611 63 11, tel. fax: 48 42 611 63 12, genos@genos.com.pl